Circular procurement knowledge hub launched

Circular procurement knowledge hub launched

  • Circular economy
  • August 18, 2023

Green Industries SA has launched its online Circular Procurement Knowledge Hub, aimed at helping  procurement officers in government and the private sector to adopt circular economy principles in procurement processes.

Circular procurement is an approach to purchasing works, goods and services that accelerates the transition to a more circular economy.

The goal is to reduce reliance on virgin materials, keep materials in use for longer, and support businesses which promote circular business models and supply circular products.

Circular procurement can include rethinking the need for purchase, the use of shared ownership models, reuse or refurbishment of existing assets, choosing services instead of products, and purchasing recycled content products.

The newly launched knowledge hub comprises 5 sections, offering tools, guidelines, case studies, a circular product register, and training, to help procurement officers incorporate circular economy principles into their procurement processes, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Tool, policies, and guidelines
This section serves as a hub for practical information on implementing circular procurement practices. It includes tools and guidelines to facilitate the seamless integration of circular economy principles into procurement processes.

Circular procurement in action
This segment features case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented circular procurement principles. It digs into the experiences, challenges, and lessons learned from these real-world applications.

Circular products 
An essential component of circular procurement is the identification and use of circular and recycled content products. This section provides a comprehensive register of such products, all available in South Australia

Circular procurement opportunities
Keeping stakeholders informed about government procurement demands, resource availability, and funding opportunities is the focus of this section. It aims to encourage businesses to supply circular products and services.

Education and training
This section features the Circular Economy in Procurement Masterclass a foundational course delivered to government procurement officers in March this year, as well as other training modules

The knowledge hub is designed to evolve continuously, and new information will be added as it becomes available.