Flood disaster waste management

FAQs: River Murray region flood waste clean-up 2024

What support is available if my property was impacted by flood water? 
Free support is available for structural assessments and, where required, ongoing hazard reduction or demolition.

Who can I talk to about my case? 
You can reach our team by calling 1800 418 491 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, or by emailing GISA.DisasterWaste@sa.gov.au and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you know your Client ID, please try and have this handy when contacting us.

Will I still receive demolition or hazard reduction services? 
Yes. The program still has around 250 demolitions and more than 50 hazard reduction jobs to complete in 2024. Free support will continue in 2024 and includes structural assessments and, where required, hazard reduction or demolition

Can I get waste collected from outside my property? 
No. The free kerbside collection of flood-affected material ran for more than 9 months and has now ended.
Flood-affected materials may be approved for collection by the Recovery Coordinator in extenuating circumstances, and this will be on a case-by-case basis. If you believe you have waste that is definitely flood-affected and would be eligible for collection, please contact the Recovery Coordinator on 0455 984 411 or at alex.zimmermann@sa.gov.au for verification.

Any waste placed on the kerb before this assessment has been confirmed will not be collected.
For regular hard rubbish collections, residents should contact their local council and follow their advice on the collection or disposal of household hard rubbish. This may include dump vouchers or collection, based on your location and council. You can find your local council on the Local Government Association SA website.

Can my builder leave any construction waste out to be collected for free?
No building or construction waste from private contractors can be left on your kerbside. It will not be collected.
Property owners should confirm with any privately contracted builders that waste removal will be undertaken as part of their service. There is no circumstance where a builder, carpenter or tradesperson you have hired to do work on your property should leave waste arising from that work on the kerbside to be collected for free. Materials left on the kerbside may be considered illegal dumping.
Any demolition and hazard reduction carried out by a state government approved contractor will include removal of all waste from the property.

I’m still waiting on advice from my insurer. Will I miss out on free services?
No, you won’t miss out. There are many people in this position who are still waiting on confirmation of their insurance status. If you have any update on your insurance progress, you can call  1800 418 491 or email Green Industries SA directly, at GISA.DisasterWaste@sa.gov.au.

I’m insured, will I still get this assessment for free?
Yes, structural assessments are free for primary residences, shacks and holiday homes, small businesses, and not-for-profit organisations that have been impacted by flood waters.
Eligibility for hazard reduction or demolition is dependent upon the results of the structural assessment, whether an insurance policy is in place, and the conditions of the policy. Learn more.

Who is eligible for a structural assessment?
Anyone in a primary residence, shack or holiday home, small business, or not-for-profit organisation that has been impacted by flood waters.
Large businesses are not eligible. 
A small business is defined as less than 30 full-time employees. Small Business Industry Support Grants are available to help eligible small businesses and not-for-profit organisations trade through the River Murray flooding emergency. 

My property is a farm. Will I get assessments and clean-up services for free? 
Structural assessments and clean-up options for farms are available for farming enterprises that employ less than 30 full-time employees. Primary producers should also contact Primary Industries SA for information on the River Murray Flood Primary Producer Recovery Grants.  

Do I need to do anything further to progress my case, or do I need to provide any information again? 
No, a member of our team will be in contact with you to progress your case and deliver the services under the program.