Circular economy in action in SA

View real examples of the Circular Economy in Action in SA. A range of diverse projects across South Australia highlight how smart businesses are moving towards a more circular economy.

Case studies


South Australia is going circular: the circular economy in action
Green Industries SA highlights three South Australian businesses who have adopted circular economy principles to deliver economic and environmental sustainability. Why go circular? Find out more about how the circular economy can give you a competitive advantage.

Precycle is a successful service concentrating on removing and recycling discarded building materials from home construction sites. Precycle introduced the concept of the circular economy to an industry that has traditionally seen all waste as just waste.

A prime example of the circular economy in action in South Australia. Local company Bio Gro provides wood residue to Holla-Fresh at no cost, for use as a heating fuel. Afterwards, Bio Gro take away the biochar that is produced as a natural part of the pyrolysis process.

Domiciliary Equipment Service (DES)
A circular economy analysis funded by Green Industries SA shows the average life for disability equipment under the DES service model is 5.2 years, compared with just six months under a standard model.

Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA)
NAWMA operates a world leading resource recovery and recycling centre in Adelaide's North in South Australia, a cornerstone of the circular economy in South Australia.

Compostable plastics made in South Australia are one way of addressing single use plastics, local company BioGro have seen their circular economy model lead to big business here and overseas.


Advanced Plastic Recycling (APR)
APR are contributing to the circular economy in South Australia by turning waste plastic and waste timber into valuable products for export.

Container Deposit Systems: leading a recycling revolution 

South Australia leads the world with its container deposit scheme, with cash paid for beverage containers. Local business CDS is exporting world leading circular economy technology to simplify recycling.