Invitation to participate in the Single-use Plastics Stakeholder Taskforce

In response to the government’s release of the discussion paper Turning the tide on single-use plastic products (the discussion paper) a stakeholder taskforce is being established to inform the development of legislation to phase-out single-use plastic products and other single-use items. It will consist of representatives of selected business, industry, local government and interest groups to ensure that impacts are addressed and enough time is given for transition. The discussion paper was released in January 2019 and following six weeks of consultation received more than 3,500 submissions.

The discussion paper sought feedback from the community and businesses on how we can better protect our natural resources and the environment from impacts associated with single-use plastic products (link to disc paper). There is significant community and industry support for increased measures to address a range of single-use plastic products and other items.

The majority of respondents are seeking government to take the lead. A report summarising consultation is available here. Acknowledging the strong sentiment amongst the community and the results from the broad consultation, the government intends to develop legislation that phases-out single-use plastic products and other single-use items. Click here to read the Next Steps document.

This will see certain products such as plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers being phased-out at first whilst further products are considered for future intervention.

Are you a key stakeholder?

Organisations which provided a submission to the discussion paper and represent a broad membership base are encouraged to register interest, for example:

  • An association that represents the retail, hospitality, food service, packaging, waste management or a Non-Government Organisation sector.
  • Business SA, SA Independent Retailers Association, Restaurant and Catering Industry Association, Australian Food and Grocery Council, National Retail Association, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, waste and recycling industry associations, Local Government Association of SA, KESAB environmental solutions, Conservation Council of SA, and the Australian Hotels Association.

How do I register interest?

Please complete the registration of interest online form and submit this by 26 July 2019.

Further information: Alana Potts, Green Industries SA


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