Funding from Green Industries SA

Green Industries SA provides funding to unlock the potential of the Circular Economy, develop infrastructure to process and create new products from wastes, seed funding for new technologies, and the commercialisation of research in South Australia. Funding from Green Industries SA is targeted to help businesses, industry and government to understand, develop and implement cost saving waste management, resource efficiency and lean production measures will improve their productivity and environmental performance through reducing waste materials, trade waste, energy and water use.

Recycling Infrastructure Grants - Industry & Local Government

Grants are available for recycling facilities seeking to improve processes to reduce contamination to ensure high quality material can reach viable end markets, specifically post consumer paper, cardboard, glass and plastic. Find out more

Circular Economy Business Support Program

  • Resource Efficiency and Productivity - REAP Grants
    Grants for businesses and not-for-profit organisations seeking to identify and prioritise opportunities to improve resource efficiency and productivity relating to energy, water, waste, materials, or lean production. Find out more.
  • Valuing Business Waste - Grants
    Grants for businesses, not-for-profit organisations, tertiary education centres, local and state government agencies wanting to make improvements in waste management and materials efficiency, prioritising waste avoidance, reduction, reuse and recycling. Find out more.
  • Industry & Business Groups - LEAP Grants
    Grants for peak industry bodies and associations, and coordinated business groups that represent the interests of businesses within a specific industry sector or defined geographical area, to deliver programs that will Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote the circular economy and sustainable business practices to constituents. Find out more.

Infrastructure Investment Loan Scheme

The loan scheme supports projects with large capital requirements, which can have an immediate effect to increase local remanufacturing/reprocessing of targeted waste streams and job creation opportunities through construction and ongoing operation. Find out more

Transport Subsidies for Regional Councils

Support is available for assistance offsetting some of the extra costs associated with processing and transporting collected recyclables from regional areas in South Australia. Find out more