Sustainable kerbside services

The Sustainable Kerbside Service provides residents with:

  • weekly food and garden organics (FOGO)
  • fortnightly comingled recycling
  • fortnightly general waste
  • choice and flexibility options to comply with relevant legislation.

The Sustainable Kerbside Service is most likely to suit metropolitan councils and large regional centres with access to cost-effective organics collection and processing. The City of Holdfast Bay has successfully introduced the service with wide support from its community. Similar services have been introduced in other towns and cities across Australia, with a mix of socio-demographics.

SA better practice guide and toolkit

The SA Better Practice Guide: Sustainable Kerbside Services provides practical information and tools to SA councils on introducing the service.

Download the guide

Cost calculator

The cost calculator helps councils to identify potential costs (or savings) of moving to the Sustainable Kerbside Service model.

It does not replace a detailed business case or feasibility study, and councils should conduct appropriate due diligence before making any changes to kerbside services and contracts.

Further details around the cost calculator can be found in the guide and toolkit.

Download the cost calculator

Download an example of the cost calendar in use