Reforming Packaging & Single-use Items

Reducing the environmental impacts of excess packaging and single-use plastics and encouraging business to develop new alternatives is a strategic priority for Green Industries SA.

The Single-use Plastic Products legislation is now in effect in South Australia. For more information visit 

For information on exemptions click here.

The state government’s national leadership to phase out certain single-use plastic products such as thicker plastic bags, straws and cutlery and plastic-lined takeaway coffee cups has seen strong community support in response to the release of the Turning the Tide on single-use plastic products Discussion Paper

This strategic priority recognises that investment in technology to develop alternatives can boost manufacturing capability in South Australia and stimulate new business opportunities.

Green Industries SA is engaging with industry and developing supporting strategies such as plastic-free retail precincts where alternative products which are recyclable and/or compostable are trialled.  It’s an exciting time as we embark on this ground breaking initiative similar to the single-use plastic bag phase-out in 2009.

Plastic Free Precincts

Green Industries SA, in partnership with the Boomerang Alliance is establishing single-use plastic free retail precincts in locations where there is a large single-use plastic footprint. This provides for a critical mass to replace these items with alternative products which are recyclable and/or compostable and to test the opportunity to reach larger state-wide and potentially Australia- wide scale.