About Green Industries SA

Green Industries SA helps develop the green economy in response to the demand for clean and green produce, and the reduction of emissions to air, water and soil from industry. Green Industries SA promotes the more efficient use of resources, and the conservation and recovery of scarce resources.

Our role:

  • Keeping South Australia at the forefront of green innovation in the waste, recycling and resource recovery sectors
  • Delivering reduced waste to landfill and increasing the State’s capacity for recycling
  • Building the State’s capability and resilience in the area of disaster waste management

It has been established to support the South Australian State Government’s vision for a vibrant green economy. Developing the green economy is a way to contribute towards South Australia’s competitive advantage.

Our work has been recognised internationally, with our expertise sought by other jurisdictions nationally and internationally.

Read the Green Industries SA Act 2004 here.

Read the Green Industries SA Freedom of Information statement here.