Circular procurement: Tools, policies and guidelines

Policies and guidelines

Green Procurement Guideline (Procurement Services SA)

Procurement Services SA provides a Green Procurement Guideline for SA Government agencies, which seeks to promote green procurement outcomes and encourage public authorities and suppliers to improve practices that balance different and sometimes competing procurement priorities, achieve value for money, and minimise impacts on the environment.

Sustainable procurement guide and toolkit (Australian Government)

The Australian Government provides a Sustainable Procurement Guide and a Sustainable Procurement Toolkit to assist Australian Government agencies with considering environmental sustainability in procurement.


Recycled content in roads – Implementation tool

This implementation tool has been developed to provide a clear pathway for the use of recycled material in infrastructure, in an environmentally safe and responsible way.

Recycled content evaluator

The recycled content evaluator is designed to assist with the evaluation of quotes and proposals during a procurement process, making it easier to include recycled content as part of the evaluation criteria.

Circular opportunities in Civil Construction checklist

This tool was developed from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s Regency to Pym Street project, and provides a checklist to easily identify circular opportunities in civil construction projects.