South Australia's Leadership

South Australia is uniquely positioned to demonstrate leadership in the circular economy in the areas of waste management, water management, climate change, smart cities, innovation and renewable energy. 

Success in container deposit legislation, the plastic bag ban, high-performing kerbside systems, collection of hazardous waste, capture and reuse of stormwater, wastewater reuse, renewable energy and investment in resource recovery infrastructure are all elements contributing to our leadership.

Realising the benefits of reuse and remanufacturing to achieve the greatest value from waste is especially important for achieving our target to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and addressing the most pressing challenges facing nations today – rapid urbanisation, resource scarcity and poverty.

This can be seen through our world-class reforms and programs to improve and increase the value of waste and in turn generate economic activity. The Green Industry Fund, financial incentives and regulation have assisted in gaining this recognition.

These strategies are positioning South Australia at the forefront of green innovation and the circular economy, while growing these sector’s contribution to the State’s economy.

The South Australian Government’s policy on minimising waste to landfill and its management of landfill sites has been a key factor in reaching its recycling and resources recovery targets. 

South Australians currently divert about 57% of household waste, over 88% of commercial and industrial waste and 91% of construction and demolition waste. In 2018-19 83.8% of material was diverted from landfill in South Australia, one of  the best in the country with an overall reduction in waste to landfill of 33% since 2002-03

As we work to remain a leader in these areas, we are equally keen to export our knowledge and experiences nationally and internationally.