Driving the circular economy

Green Industries SA is leading South Australia’s transition to a circular economy to grow our economic prosperity, improve and sustain our environment and increase our wellbeing.

The circular economy is a ‘must-have’ as the current ‘take-make-dispose economy’ is unsustainable, anyway you look at it. A circular economy is a world where we use less natural and raw materials, keep products in use longer and design out waste and pollution.

Green Industries SA is driving the circular economy through strategic planning and policy, legislation, incentives and education to ensure resources circulate more within the state’s economy and that we operate with best practice in resource recovery and remanufacturing.

Green Industries SA is advocating for the benefits of a circular economy for South Australia - the opportunities for recycling, repair, reuse and remanufacturing, through circular solutions, can result in better economic, social and environmental outcomes. A transition to the circular economy is a priority in the draft South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2020-2025. We focus on developing a robust evidence base to support measures for a circular economy in South Australia. 

To drive this momentum for change partnerships are essential to our work, from product design, production and use/reuse and end-of-life. Green Industries SA looks to all South Australians to embrace the circular economy and partner for change.