Business Plan

Through policy development, programs and partnerships Green Industries SA is leading the development of the circular economy in South Australia. Our key programs and activities are outlined in the Green Industries SA 2021-22 Business Plan and include a focus on:


  • Breakthrough technology to commercialise innovations used at scale to address global climate change risk and impacts and environmental degradation.
  • Solutions for the recovery of resources from emerging and problematic waste items such as electrical, electronic and renewable technology products.

Built environment

  • An increased emphasis on well-being and resilience and adopting strategies to make construction part of a materials bank.
  • Planning for circularity, prefabrication, modularity, deconstruction and reuse.


  • Enabling investments in emerging technologies that provide for resource efficiencies and greenhouse gas savings. 

Container collection depots

  • Major investment in advanced automation technology as part of a modernisation strategy.

Extended Producer Responsibility

  • National EPR schemes for new and emerging wastes especially resulting from renewable energy and climate change technological development.


  • Greater product transparency through improved labelling, increased use of recycled content and improved corporate social responsibility with supply chain auditing and environmental declarations.
  • Transition from problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics products to more sustainable alternatives.

Food waste

  • Metropolitan food waste collection systems will be universal for both households and commercial premises.
  • Multi-unit dwellings and public places will use the latest international evidence-based practices to divert food waste from landfill and decrease contamination using hi-tech collection technologies.