Product evaluator

This tool is designed to assist with the evaluation of quotes and proposals during a procurement process, making it easier to include recycled content as part of the evaluation criteria.

Responses to each of the questions in the evaluator should be requested from potential suppliers as part of the tender process.

The results of this tool can be downloaded in PDF format for inclusion in your procurement documentation.

This tool was adapted from the LGA of SA Buying it Back project outputs.

Download the tool as an Excel spreadsheet.

Evaluate a product

Evaluation Questions - Product 1



What is the product?

Tooltip text

Does the product contain recycled content?

If the answer to this question is "No" or "The respondent does not know", the respondent receives a 0 for the recycled content component of the evaluation. Respondent to provide evidence of this.

What proprotion of the product is made from recycled content?

Select the % of recycled content. The evalutation will adjust based on the % inputted. If the respondent reports a range, pick the most likely percentage and if this is unknown, select the middle value. If the proportion is unknown, select unknown.

What is the source of the recycled content?

Respondent should be able to estimate the proportion of recycled product from SA, interstate and overseas. The rating will adjust based on the selection.

What are the end of life options for the product?

What happens to the product at the end of life? Select from the drop-down list for a score.

Score out of 10