Saveful app helping to reduce food waste in Aussie homes

Saveful app helping to reduce food waste in Aussie homes

  • Food waste and organics
  • November 20, 2023

The Saveful app, which aims to help Australian families reduce their food waste, has been officially launched.

Saveful users simply select the ingredient/s they want to use, and the app will deliver a range of tailor-made recipes based on those ingredients and the user’s specific taste, cooking skills and dietary requirements.

It is estimated that 200,000 tonnes of food waste is sent to landfill each year in South Australia, accounting for 22% of household waste collected at kerbside.

Food waste prevention is a goal outlined in SA’s strategy to reduce and divert household and food waste.

The new Saveful app feeds into this by enabling Australians to serve up a meal with what they already have, putting those often-forgotten items in the cupboard or fridge to good use – preventing food waste, while also helping to save money.

The app also includes tips and tricks from professional chefs, provided to guide users along the food journey – from planning meals and shopping, to storing items and preparing meals – tips and tricks from professional chefs provided in the app.

Saveful is proudly supported by Green Industries SA and the Government of South Australia, and is available to download for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

To learn more, visit the Saveful website.