South Australia’s regions a step closer to a circular economy

South Australia’s regions a step closer to a circular economy

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  • November 28, 2022

Green Industries SA (GISA), in collaboration with Regional Development Australia in the Limestone Coast (RDALC) and Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR), has launched 2 reports outlining circular economy opportunities across the 2 South Australian regions.

The reports were launched over a series of 3 events, held in Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge and Berri, where attendees heard from GISA, the partner RDAs, and local business leaders, who provided insights on key drivers, opportunities and challenges for circular economy adoption in the regions.

The reports are the first of their kind in Australia, and have been developed following a detailed analysis of each region’s economic, resource use, and waste generation profile that helped to identify the industry sectors and specific initiatives that offer the greatest opportunity for circular action.

South Australia’s transition to a circular economy unlocks more sustainable business opportunities and increases profit by keeping our limited resources in circulation for as long as possible to extract the maximum value from them, and to avoid waste. Keeping resources in use reduces emissions and minimises our impact on our environment. 

Approaching circular economy at a regional level allows strong alignment with community priorities and can offer economies of scale that make opportunities more viable than at the smaller, individual or local level.

Download the reports.