GISA and Independent Brewers Association release sustainability tools and guidelines

GISA and Independent Brewers Association release sustainability tools and guidelines

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  • December 10, 2021

The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) with support from Green Industries SA's Business Sustainability Program have launched a sustainability benchmarking tool and a best practice guide enabling members of the IBA to measure their energy use, boost sustainability credentials and reduce operating costs by adopting energy, water and waste efficiency improvements across their operations.

South Australia's burgeoning independent craft brewing industry now has access to clear and simple tools to consistently improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

No matter the size of the brewery this tool and resource guide will assist members of the IBA to meet sustainability goals.

IBSA guide

(click to download the IBA Sustainability Guide)

Marthijs Heuperman, IBA Sustainability Project Lead and Sustainability & Logistics Manager at Bright Brewery said “Deciphering patterns in your energy use data can really help in making tangible business decisions about how our breweries and venues operate. By capturing ongoing energy use data in an industry-owned platform we are not only able to build a snapshot of how we are tracking individually, but we can then also benchmark ourselves against others in the industry, hence allowing us to plan for future investment and improvements.”

IBA members will be able to access the new program via the IBA website.

“Once you have entered your data in, you get real time feedback. If one of your utilities is in the red zone, then you can refer to the best practice guide and see what you can do to rectify the issue.” says James McIntyre, 2XE General Manager.

This project was developed with the IBA Sustainability Project Group with the help of Green Industries South Australia (GISA), through its LEAP Grant Program.