Circular economy in South Australia’s built environment

Circular economy in South Australia’s built environment

  • Circular Economy
  • October 17, 2022

Exploring circular economy opportunities in SA’s built environment 

 South Australia is taking action to support a resilient, liveable and carbon-neutral built environment and boost jobs and growth as part of a $100 billion global opportunity. 

Green Industries SA has partnered with Green Building Council Australia, dsquared and the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network to develop the Circular economy in South Australia’s built environment discussion paper, which summarises the circular economy opportunities in the built environment.

The discussion paper will inform workshops, stakeholder engagement and the development of a final report that identifies opportunities and presents recommendations to move towards a circular built environment in SA, to be released in early 2023.

The building and construction industry is currently both the largest consumer of materials and also the global economy’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. 

With innovation and investment, this sector has great potential for improvement. By providing a focus on improved design, construction, and use of our built environment, we can help ensure our buildings are sustainable and climate-resilient providing long-term economic and community benefits.

View the discussion paper.