30 million in new Recycling Modernisation Fund

30 million in new Recycling Modernisation Fund

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  • January 27, 2021

Federal and SA Governments launch $30M Recycling Modernisation Fund

South Australia’s recycling industry will receive a $30 million boost with the Federal and State Governments signing up to a National Partnership on recycling infrastructure.

According to Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley, both governments have committed $15 million to advance recycling infrastructure in South Australia under the Recycling Modernisation Fund.

“Expressions of interest are now being sought from industry, local government and non-government organisations who stand ready to commit at least one-third of the project cost,” she said.

“The co-funding model gives everyone skin in the recycling game and will increase the supply of high-quality recycled materials available for business and industry.”

South Australian Environment and Water Minister David Speirs said the funding will further enhance South Australia’s reputation as a national leader in waste management.

“The funding in South Australia will be focusing on partner projects that are investigating new technology and equipment related to mixed plastics reprocessing, improving the recovery and separation of soft plastics, and increasing glass re-manufacturing,” he said.

“Unlocking the potential in these materials and keeping resources circulating through our economy increases our resilience to supply chain challenges and creates local jobs, while also benefiting our environment.”

Similarly, Assistant Waste Reduction and Environmental Management Minister Trevor Evans said he was looking forward to seeing the innovative projects that would receive funding through this co-investment.

“South Australia continues to be a national leader on recycling and waste reduction issues, and these new projects will deliver local green jobs and the state of the art infrastructure needed to boost our domestic recycling capacity and to significantly reduce how much waste goes to landfill,” he said.

“These new infrastructure projects are a crucial step in bringing the circular economy to life in South Australia.”

Partners who are ready to contribute at least one-third of the cost of their project in partnership with the Federal and South Australian Governments are invited to submit an expression of interest now through Green Industries SA.

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