Use of recycled materials in South Australia’s local council’s road network

The use of recycled materials in road and transport infrastructure is an important part of achieving a circular economy in South Australia and is a priority for both state and local governments. Around 80% of Australian roads are currently managed by local councils. This tool and the accompanying reports have been developed to provide a clear pathway for the use of recycled material in infrastructure, in an environmentally safe and responsible way. 

It is aimed at all levels of local government, including elected members, executives, procurement teams, sustainability officers, asset managers and engineers to help them understand the recycled material options available for inclusion in local roads, and allow them to specify their use with greater confidence.

This project has been undertaken with support and funding from Green Industries South Australia (GISA) and in collaboration with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, City of Mitcham, City of Burnside, Port Pirie Regional Council, and the Adelaide Hills Council.