Sustainable kerbside services guide and toolkit launched

Sustainable kerbside services guide and toolkit launched

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  • Local government
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  • May 15, 2023

Green Industries SA, in partnership with the Environment Protection Authority and Local Government Association of South Australia, has released the SA Better Practice Guide: Sustainable Kerbside Services.

The guide, prepared by Rawtec, provides practical information and tools to assist South Australian councils with introducing a Sustainable Kerbside Service.

A Sustainable Kerbside Service provides residents with:

  • weekly food and garden organics (FOGO)
  • fortnightly comingled recycling
  • fortnightly general waste
  • choice and flexibility options to comply with relevant legislation.

Moving to a Sustainable Kerbside Service can lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased production of compost/soil improvers, improved agricultural productivity, increased climate resilience, and increased employment opportunities in the circular economy.

In mid-2022, the City of Holdfast Bay successfully introduced the service with wide support from its community. As a result the council has substantially lowered its waste to landfill rates, and has improved outcomes for the community and environment. 

Learn more and download the guide.