$1.2m in funding support for South Australia’s circular economy

$1.2m in funding support for South Australia’s circular economy

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  • July 10, 2023

Green Industries SA (GISA) is supporting the development of South Australia’s circular economy through its Recycling Infrastructure Grants (RIG) and Circular Economy Market Development Grants (CEMDG) programs.

More than $950k in grant funding has been awarded to 11 businesses under the RIG program, unlocking a total value of more than $2.6m and supporting 32 new full-time positions.

The funded projects range from the upgrade of a waste transfer station, to improved facilities for food rescue, and to the upgrade of composting equipment.

And a further $325k has been awarded to 8 businesses under the CEMDG program, for projects ranging from a disposable nappy recycling trial to a study on the expansion of a battery recycling facility.

These projects will help to facilitate South Australia’s transition to a more circular economy.

Recycling Infrastructure Grants

  • AHRWMA: Magnet attachment for steel diversion – $36,000
  • CAWRA: Glass fines – quality improvement – $147,008
  • CMB Recycling P/L: Equip upgrade: Loader for compost – $160,000
  • DC Orroroo Carrieton: Transfer Station upgrade – $142,004
  • Habitat for Humanity (SA): Restore sorting and repair shed – $26,354
  • Mobius Farms: Food waste processing equipment and conveyor  – $28,000
  • OzHarvest: Food collection truck, cool room & freezer – $109,410
  • SABRN P/L: Aquaculture recycling – $35,000
  • Scout Recycling: New commercial scrap metal and CDL site – $41,933
  • Tatiara Trench Diggers: Compost screen and air vac – $200,000
  • YCA: Screen for plastic pelletising line – $24,360

Circular Economy Market Development Grants

  • Arris: In-situ product validation testing of recycled plastic components for locally manufactured wastewater treatment systems – $27,850
  • Jeffries: Composted Products in Certified Compostable Bags – $22,000
  • Kimberly Clark Australia: The Nappy Loop– Scale up of South Australian disposable nappy recycling trial – $42,500
  • Knox Constructions: Source Separated Waste Management System for residential construction – Phase 1 – $63,500
  • Net Zero Lab: South Australian Repair and Maintenance Services Sector Study – $50,000
  • Nyrstar: Nyrstar Australia's Battery Recycling Expansion Study – $32,500
  • ResourceCo: Climate Emergency – Break Glass for carbon benefits – $32,500
  • Reusably: Reusably x Adelaide – $53,797