Green Industries SA: Funding a Circular Economy in South Australia

Green Industries SA: Funding a Circular Economy in South Australia

For the first time, green bins have been installed in Rundle Mall, allowing shoppers to recycle food and compostable packaging.

The installation is part of a 12-month trial in the City of Adelaide, and was funded by Green Industries SA’s Council Modernisation Grants.

And the financial support to upgrade and improve recycling infrastructure in SA doesn’t stop there, with 11 new projects taking a share of more than $900,000 in funding through Green Industries SA’s Recycling Infrastructure Grants.

The funding has unlocked a total value of more than $2.5 million and will support the diversion of more than 7,600 tonnes of material from landfill every year.

The funded projects range from food rescue to improved resource recovery of recycling and plastics, and will create 20 new full-time positions across the state.

Minister for Climate, Environment and Water Susan Close said the funding will directly enable South Australia to transition from a linear economy to a more circular economy.

“A more circular economy and smarter, faster resource recovery is essential to tackle climate change. 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from producing the food, products and materials that we eat and use every day,” she said.

Projects funded




Grant amount

Foodbank SA


new food waste recovery vehicle


Second Bite

Dry Creek

cool room expansion


Peats Group Ltd


anaerobic digestion


MASTEC Aust Pty Ltd


increasing recycled content in mobile garbage bins


Eco Caddy Pty Ltd


food scraps scale up and optimisation




eddy current separator 


Transmutation Pty Ltd


recycling powder coating and plastics 


Little Droppings


disposal nappies diversion


District Council of Mt Remarkable


Willowie transfer station 


Sustaining Endeavours


polywinder split drum


Mid Murray Council


cardboard / fibre trailer