Calling all young SA artists

Calling all young SA artists

  • Single-use plastics ban
  • February 03, 2021

We invite teachers and students who are passionate about the protecting the environment to participate in an exhibition which aims to stimulate discussion and creative responses to taking action on single-use plastics:

  • too often the way plastics are produced, used and discard results in a wasted resource
  • this causes pollution, litter and harm to wildlife, including marine life.

The exhibition theme is ‘What can we do about single-use plastics’: we know these are a problem, but let’s focus on positive solutions for now and into the future. Whether the ideas are practical or provocative, this is a chance for students to channel their thoughts into a creative call for action by:

  • designing a poster, or
  • creating a media advertisement, or
  • making a sculpture from banned single-use plastic items. 

For curriculum links, key ACAVAM links, eligibility, artwork specifications and exhibition prizes, visit the Replace The Waste website.