Business Victor Harbor celebrates going circular

Business Victor Harbor celebrates going circular

  • Business sustainability
  • May 22, 2024

Business Victor Harbor (BVH) has celebrated the success of its inaugural Fleurieu Region Circular Business Program at its ‘Going Circular’ event.

The Fleurieu Region Circular Business Program, with funding and support  from GISA’s Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote (LEAP) Grant and delivered by Rawtec, supported 5 businesses local to the region to move to more circular practices.

Over 12 months the participating businesses, CHARLIE & JACK, EgriTech, Goods to Go Café, Peninsula Providore, and See Optometry, attended a series of workshops where they learnt about the principles of the circular economy, and created an action plan on how they could apply these to their business. 

The ‘Going Circular’ Celebration provided an opportunity for each of the businesses to participate in a panel discussion on the program, and to present on their experiences and the steps they’ve now taken to move to more circular practices.

Participants were also presented with a certificate, to commemorate their involvement in the program and their efforts to drive a more resource efficient, sustainable and circular economy for South Australia.

About the participating businesses


CHARLIE & JACK is an indoor plant and gift store, operating in Victor Harbor. Through the program CHARLIE & JACK has focused on reducing the amounts of materials that become waste through maintenance, reuse, repair and remanufacture. 


EgriTech is a manufacturer of specialised transport and tiny homes, supplying and delivering to businesses and consumers Australia-wide. EgriTech has a focus on designing out waste, and through the program were able to implement further efficiencies to their processes.

Goods to Go Café

Goods to Go Café operates a café and catering business, supplying 5 local schools with lunches for 700 to 900 students every day. Through the program, Goods to Go Café was able to identify areas for reducing waste to landfill and reducing food miles, both of which can lead to an increase in profit margins.

Peninsula Providore

Peninsula Providore offers paddock-to-plate and direct-to-consumer products, grown, processed and bottled in-house, and is a supplier to restaurants and other venues in the region. Through the program, Peninsula Providore was able to identify opportunities for re-use within their business to reduce waste.

See Optometry

See Optometry is an independent, SA-owned optometry practice, located in Victor Harbor. Through the program, See Optometry has developed an action plan for sustainable change, and as a first move has switched out non-recyclable packaging tape for a compostable alternative.

About the LEAP Grant Program

LEAP grants, provided through GISA’s Business Sustainability Program, support industry associations, peak industry bodies, registered business groups, and organisations to drive a more resource efficient, sustainable and circular economy for SA.