Export Opportunities

Internationally, Green Industries SA has a reputation for leadership in waste management and resource recovery. We are identifying opportunities for South Australian businesses to export their expertise and solutions to other jurisdictions. 

Our focus includes:

  • Promoting South Australia's capabilities in waste management and resource recovery to India in consultation with the Department of State Development and the State Government's South Australia-India Engagement Strategy
  • Identifying local businesses in the waste sector which have an interest in developing export and investment opportunities with China, particularly in Shandong consistent with the State Government's South Australia China Engagement Strategy.
  • Marketing opportunities for South Australian companies in the waste sector in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
There is a strong opportunity to develop long lasting export potential for South Australian expertise in engineering and design, policy development and regulation, training and education, in addition to off the-shelf products. A current focus is assessing opportunities South Australia to be a training destination for overseas practitioners, whether these are in behaviour change or systems design and deployment, or alternative technology policy.