Business Sustainability Program – aims, objectives, outcomes

Purpose: GISA’s Business Sustainability Program (the Program) fills an information gap, providing expertise as a basis for informed decision-making and implementation of sustainable change.

Aim: To expand South Australia’s green industry sector by supporting a range of businesses, organisations, and industries to apply sustainability and circular economy principles in the commercial production of goods and delivery of services.

Objective: To support businesses adopt:

  • better practice methods and standards in waste management, guided by the waste management hierarchy (prioritising waste avoidance and reduction, reuse and recycling; promoting zero avoidable waste to landfill)
  • better practice methods and standards in the efficient use of resources to deliver the same (or better) output with less input
  • net zero emissions strategies and targets
  • circular economy principles and practices (keeping materials in use for as long as possible; minimising or eliminating waste, pollution and harm to the environment; less reliance on virgin materials and regenerating natural systems).

Outcomes include:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of how to implement circular economy principles, better practice waste management and resource efficiency, and adopt net zero emissions targets within SA business and government agencies.
  • Reduced reliance on virgin materials, keeping materials in use for as long as possible, and eliminating waste, pollution and harm to the environment.
  • Reduced resource and materials intensity of SA products and services; increased efficiencies within business and industry sectors; a cleaner environment with fewer carbon emissions.
  • Profitability, investment attraction and economic growth for South Australia; employment security; accountability and transparency for environmental reporting; competitive advantage and savings to reinvest for continuous improvement and economic growth.
  • Growth in capability and market for businesses that enable a green economy.
  • Contributes to State and Commonwealth objectives relating to landfill diversion, waste reduction, and adoption of circular economy practices.
  • Contributes to GISA’s legislative requirements, strategy and policy development.

To be eligible for AIM Grants and LEAP Grants projects must meet and contribute to the Program purpose, aim, objective and outcomes stated above.