Business Sustainability Program Overview

The Business Sustainability Program assists South Australian businesses and industry sectors to accelerate sustainable change and transition to a more circular economy.

By identifying and prioritising better practice materials and resource efficiency, waste management and resource recovery, and implementing circular economy principles, participants can improve profitability, productivity, and environmental performance.

Projects build accountability and transparency into environmental reporting, giving participants a competitive advantage, and savings can be reinvested for continuous improvement and economic growth.

Experienced and knowledgeable project managers and advisers provide free advice, tools and guidance; and facilitate business-to-business connections and networking, basing our services on the principles of a circular economy.

Contact us for:

  • Tools and advice on better practice waste management, resource recovery, materials and resource efficiency
  • Advice on sustainable procurement and supply chain engagement
  • Connection with businesses, experts and other agencies that may be able to provide additional support
  • Assistance with project scoping and identifying support options
  • Advice on Green Industries SA’s grant eligibility and applications

Public Sector Organisations can seek in-kind assistance and support from Program staff in the above mentioned areas. State Government agencies aren't eligible for grant funding but they can contact GISA for support.


  • Assess-Implement-Monitor (AIM) Grants – for businesses and not-for-profits
    Supporting organisations that AIM for a more economically and environmentally sustainable future. Grants available as a subsidy for expertise to ASSESS and report on current practice and opportunities for improvement in materials efficiency and waste management; resource efficiency and lean production; sustainable procurement; and/or circular economy practices. Find out more.

  • Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote (LEAP) Grants – for industry associations and business groups
    Supporting industry sectors LEAP into a more sustainable and circular economy for South Australia. Funding is available for projects that will drive a more circular economy for an industry sector or group of businesses within SA. Find out more.


Program Manager, Ms Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647

Senior Adviser, Mr Oliver Lovat, 0437 641 138