Green Industries SA change of leadership

Green Industries SA change of leadership

  • Corporate
  • March 07, 2024

On behalf of the Board of Green Industries SA (GISA) I wish to advise that our Chief Executive, Prof. Ian Overton, will conclude his term on Friday 8 March.

The board wish to acknowledge and thank Ian for his significant contribution to the agency over the last four years.

Ian has been a catalyst for driving the transition to a more circular and sustainable future for South Australia. Ian’s achievements have been across industry economic development, Government leadership in sustainability and supporting waste management and resource recovery. Ian supported and led the agency through the COVID pandemic and the waste clean-up and recovery from two of the State’s most significant natural disasters.

Josh Wheeler, GISA’s Associate Director of Governance and Business, has been appointed to act in the role of Chief Executive commencing 12 March, whilst Ian Harvey, GISA’s Director of Policy and Evaluation, continues to oversee the completion of the River Murray flood waste clean-up. 

GISA remains committed to supporting and partnering with all its stakeholders to transition South Australia to a circular economy that achieves a more economically and environmentally sustainable future. 

Nikki Govan, on behalf of Green Industries SA Board