Managing Waste After a Bushfire

The South Australian Bushfires 2019/20

Fast Facts

  • Over 254,600ha destroyed by fires across Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Yorke Peninsula and South-East
  • 541 properties cleaned up following the bushfires ready for rebuild
  • Over $15 million spent in partnership with the Federal Government to assist the state-wide bushfire clean-up
  • Over 50,000 tonnes of bushfire waste managed

Green Industries SA - our role in the bushfire waste clean-up

South Australia’s Disaster Waste Management Plan was approved in July 2019 setting out the key steps of recovery process and establish roles for various State Government Agencies.

In response to several serious disasters overseas and around Australia Green Industries SA (GISA) developed three documents that would help guide Government’s efforts in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster here in South Australia comprising;

  • Disaster Waste Management Scoping Study
  • Disaster Waste Management Guidelines
  • Disaster Waste Management Capability Plan

Following the 2019-20 bushfires these plans were put into place and GISA was appointed as the South Australian Government's Functional Lead Agency for Disaster Waste Management.


Adelaide Hills bushfire waste clean-up, 2020


Kangaroo Island bushfire waste clean-up 2020



Gosse landfill pit, bushfire waste, Kangaroo Island 2020