Nation-leading work in disaster waste management

Nation-leading work in disaster waste management

Green Industries SA’s nation-leading work in disaster waste management in response to South Australia’s bushfire recovery and clean-up effort will drive better practices locally and nationally.

In response to the state’s devastating bushfires, a Disaster Waste Management Plan was activated on January 6 2020. Green Industries SA took the lead and co-ordinated a State Recovery Operations Group sub-committee.

Through clearly defined roles and responsibilities and process to manage the waste the clean-up achieved the following results:

  • Greatly impacted the speed and cost of recovery
  • Provided local employment following the bushfires
  • Diverted as much waste as possible for recycling instead of sending it to landfill.
  • Protected human health and environmental outcomes from the disaster particularly in relation to asbestos removal and disposal.

Watch the results of Green Industries SA’s waste management here