Waste and Recycling at Events and Venues (2022)

Waste and Recycling at Events and Venues (2022)
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Waste and Recycling at Events and Venues (2022)

There are five main components to a successful and effective waste management strategy at your event or venue

 Avoid waste by reducing the number of unnecessary items brought to the event and the amount of waste created during the event
As well as reducing the potential for littering and contamination of recycling systems, this cuts the cost of waste management

Incorporate an organic recycling stream
Require vendors to only use reusable or compostable service ware, contract specialist providers to take material to a commercial composting facility and, where practical, partner with food rescue organisations to collect quality surplus food.

Have a comprehensive waste bin system for the public and vendors
Ensure you have co-located bin stations in the right places and that event staff or volunteers regularly monitor bin stations to assist with correct disposal of waste. Service providers can help with planning.

Use clear and effective signage
A good bin system is ineffective if it’s not clear what goes where. People who want to do the right thing need to know how.

Collect and evaluate waste and recycling data
Understanding what did and didn’t work can help in developing better and more cost-effective strategies for future events.

Download our guide for practical advice, tools, examples and tips on how to reduce your event or venue's carbon footprint and reduce waste to save costs.