Which Bin 2019 campaign evaluation (infographic)

Which Bin 2019 campaign evaluation (infographic)
  • Waste and recycling

Which Bin 2019 campaign evaluation (infographic)

What works to reduce kerbside recycling contamination in South Australia? This infographic provides a visual summary of the campaign results from 2019.

The Which Bin? campaign focuses on building mental availability for correct kerbside bin knowledge and behaviours.

Mental Availability is measured as the propensity of a correct disposal behaviour to come to mind in a choice situation. It means having the knowledge of the best disposal path to choose for

an item at the point in time when you need it. Without Mental Availability, the action cannot be undertaken.

Educational messages must have consistency and continuity as Mental Availability takes time to build, requiring reinforcing as it

erodes if not refreshed. The research has given clear direction for further campaign development and shown the effective reach that has been achieved, using TV and social media as primary vehicles.