South Australia's Kerbside Waste Report 2017-18

South Australia's Kerbside Waste Report 2017-18
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South Australia's Kerbside Waste Report 2017-18

This report presents data on kerbside waste and recycling collection services in South Australia provided by the 19 Adelaide metropolitan and 49 regional councils in the 2017-18 financial year and analyses performance and improvements in waste disposal efficiency and sustainability over the past 15 years. 

The focus is only on waste material collected at kerbside in bins provided specifically for residual waste (landfill), co-mingled recyclables and green organics. Hard waste, street sweepings, Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) returns and waste collected at drop-off facilities and council-operated commercial services are excluded. 

All 19 metropolitan councils have offered a three-bin service for a number of years, although some only provide a green organics bin on an opt-in basis. In the regions, approximately half offer a three-bin system, including many where these services are provided to townships only. One regional council offers a fourth bin for paper and cardboard only. There are also some differences between councils in terms of protocols.