Commercialisation of Innovation Program

The Commercialisation of Innovation Program aims to stimulate investment in innovative technologies in the waste management and resource recovery sector and the circular economy. Proposals are invited for the delivery of a business development and mentoring program targeting this sector in Adelaide, South Australia.

Funding available: Funding of up to $750,000 is available. The successful applicant/s has the option to enter into a loan, refundable grant or grant agreement with the South Australian Government.   

Who is eligible?  You must have a demonstrable track record in identifying innovative ideas and developing these through a commercialisation of innovation program in South Australia and elsewhere.

What kind of projects are eligible? Examples of eligible technologies and processes would include:

  • New technologies for cleaner production and resource efficiencySolutions to growing problematic new waste streams such as e-waste, plastics, packaging and tyres
  • Solutions to issues of potentially global commercial application and best practice waste systems
  • Technologies or better processes that reduce waste through design, or use of novel materials
  • Addressing problematic waste streams for which solutions are either non existent, difficult from a scale or cost perspective, and/ or which will have international commercial applicationOther opportunities such as in sustainable construction through developing materials, processes or technologies to reduce environmental impacts.  

Status:  CLOSED

For queries, please contact: Marcia Kreinhold Director Business, Green Industries SA: tel. 08 8204 2672  


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