Updating the National Waste Policy

Australians generate around 64 million tonnes of waste every year and that figure is growing. To better support our economy, protect the health of our communities, and reduce environmental impacts, we need to take action on waste.

On 27 April 2018, Commonwealth, state and territory environment ministers and the President of the Australian Local Government Association committed to set a sustainable path for Australia’s recyclable waste. Ministers agreed to work together to better manage waste including updating the 2009 National Waste Policy – Less waste, more resources by the end of 2018.

Preparation of a discussion paper has been coordinated by the Australian Government, with input from state and territory government officials, the Australian Local Government Association, business and industry associations and non-government organisations.

The purpose of the discussion paper is to seek input on priority issues to be considered in future Australian waste management and resource recovery. Feedback will inform updates to the 2009 National Waste Policy for consideration by environment ministers later this year.

Read the discussion paper and provide feedback at the Department for Environment and Energy website.


For more information email: nationalwastepolicy@environment.gov.au