Sustainable Business in Food Guide

This Guide has been created through a partnership between Food South Australia and Green Industries SA, with help and input from food industry members. The aim is to help South Australian food businesses to adopt positive environmental and social outcomes and still be profitable.

The Guide aims to help those food processing and food manufacturing businesses that are new to, or in the early stages of, considering the environmental sustainability of the business.

By using this Guide you’ll get:

  • an understanding of how to think practically and with a sound business mindset for incorporating the right level of sustainability into your business
  • a basic decision-making process to help you take the right steps at the right time for improving your business’ performance, primarily in the areas of:
    • reducing your operating costs by improving energy, water and materials efficiency, and reducing waste
    • engaging with producers, suppliers and service providers to improve environmental sustainability right through your supply chain
    • engaging with retailers and consumers to promote your business’ sustainability aspirations and achievements
    • engaging and involving staff in the decision making process
    • the importance of monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement.
    • plenty of links to additional practical information and advice on where to find support for taking action.