FAQs: Structural assessments for flood-affected properties

Who will be conducting my structural assessment?

Green Industries SA has appointed Johns Lyng Disaster Management Australia (DMA) to coordinate structural assessments and debris removal.

DMA will provide all registered property owners with a case manager to work through your specific situation and identify your unique needs.

When will my structural assessment be booked?

If you have registered, a representative from DMA will be in touch to book in a date for your structural assessment.

What information do I need to give to DMA?

Please try to pass on any information that might help DMA assess your needs, such as:

  • any communication from your insurance company
  • any identified hazards you are aware of on your property, like asbestos
  • road access issues.

My insurance company has already completed an assessment of my property. What happens next?

Any communication from your insurance company that you can pass on to DMA will speed up the process.

Your assigned case manager will take this information into account when assessing your needs.

There are still flood-affected materials on my property. How can I have them removed? 

Kerbside collections and street waste clean-ups will be continuing non-stop until all flood-affected materials and debris is removed.

Current and upcoming kerbside collections can be seen on the flood clean-up map.

Can I remove the materials myself?

Yes. If you would prefer to not wait for a kerbside collection, you are eligible for free disposal vouchers for flood-affected materials.

Vouchers can be collected and redeemed at any participating transfer station.

At the transfer station, you will be asked for your Client ID and name. If you do not have a Client ID, you will need to register by calling 1800 302 787.

Learn more about the disposal voucher program.

I still need to register for a structural assessment and assistance with clean-up, what do I need to do?

Call 1800 302 787. If you know your client ID or relief centre ID you can quote that number to speed up the process. If not, you will be allocated an ID when you call and you can use that in the future to speed up the process of contacting us about your needs.

If you have already registered and wish to discuss your case, please contact DMA on 1800 418 491.