Resource Productivity Assessments

A Resource Productivity Assessment aims to identify opportunities for improving your business operations by making it more efficient, saving resources (materials, water, energy), preventing waste and increasing productivity, all of which can help reduce operating costs and improve business performance and profitability.


Applicants must:

  • hold an SA Water volume and load based trade waste discharge authorisation.


  • be a commercial business operating in South Australia that can provide evidence of generating and discharging trade waste at levels above or within 20% of the following volume and load-based thresholds (at least one threshold must have been met continuously since 1 January 2015 on a 12 month rolling average basis):
    • 10 tonnes Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) or Suspended Solids (SS) per year
    • 20 tonnes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) per year
    • 10 ML volume per year


  • be licensed under Section 6 – Food production and Animal and Plant Processing of South Australia's Environment Protection Act 1993 (refer to Application Guidelines for details).

To be eligible for grant funding, a Resource Productivity Assessment must:

  • identify opportunities for improving the way trade waste (commercial and industrial wastewater) is managed to reduce volume and/or improve the quality discharged to sewer or by other means
  • relate trade waste improvements to other aspects of your businesses such as operational and materials efficiency, energy and water efficiency, and solid waste management
  • prioritise improvement recommendations giving consideration to your business' economic and environmental sustainability, considering payback and return on investment, and impacts to the trade waste discharge environment
  • be delivered by a member of the Preferred Supplier List, and in accordance with the Resource Productivity Assessment Guidelines.

Round four funding  is now closed

For queries please contact:

Oliver Lovat

Project Officer, Trade Waste Initiative: 0437 641 138