Resource Efficiency and Productivity - REAP Grants

REAP the benefits of resource efficiency and productivity as we transition to a circular economy

Funding available: 
50% subsidy for a resource efficiency and productivity assessment (maximum of $10,000).
An additional $10,000 is available on successful completion of a Green Industries SA approved assessment to kick-start implementation of the recommendations.

Green Industries SA does not fund the installation of solar panels or battery storage. 

Who is eligible?  

Businesses and not-for-profit organisations operating in South Australia

What kind of projects are eligible? 
Resource efficiency and productivity assessments delivered by a suitably qualified, independent service provider. Assessments must consider options relating to the practical delivery of circular economy principles by addressing one or more of the following areas (preference given to projects that address more than one area):

  • waste management improvements,  prioritising waste avoidance, reduction, reuse and recycling
  • energy efficiency and productivity, prioritising strategies for reduction and efficiency
  • water and trade waste management, prioritising strategies for reduction and efficiency
  • process or materials efficiency and productivity (lean production)

Assessments must provide baseline data representing typical site activity over a minimum 12 month period; identify and prioritise recommendations based on economic and environmental outcomes, business priorities and financial status; and be documented in writing to comply with the ‘Assessment Report Requirements’ within the REAP Funding Guidelines.
Kick-start funding must be directed towards activities identified as part of the assessment as a ‘key action’ and which have an estimated payback greater than two years.

What kind of outcomes are possible using REAP grants? 
An independent assessment  enables businesses to make informed investment decisions. REAP assessments  for participants in 2018-19  identified potential yearly savings of $275,000 each, with a contribution toward the cost of the assessment of just $7,855 (on average). 
By utilising Green Industries SA’s  ‘kick-start’ funding to implement the recommendations, it is estimated that businesses will save an average of over $30,000 per year as a result of avoided and reduced energy, water, and wastewater disposal costs.

What is not eligible for grant funding? 

  • lighting replacement (consideration may be given to funding installation or upgrade of lighting control systems when included as a ‘high priority’ recommendation in an assessment report)
  • in-kind costs, wages and salaries incurred by the applicant
  • activities that offer no greater benefit other than meeting regulatory compliance.

Status: Open.

Contact us to discuss your project and request guidelines and an application form. If you’re unsure who to engage to complete an assessment, we can supply contact details of suitably qualified, independent service providers.

Contacts: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647 Senior Adviser, Oliver Lovat, 0437 641 138