Circular Economy Market Development Grants

Currently open for 2020

Funding available: 
Up to $100,000 (GST exclusive) per applicant. 

Private sector businesses must be able to provide 50% matched funding which cannot include non-financial (in-kind) contributions. For industry associations, local councils, research institutes and not-for-profit organisations, the program will contribute a minimum of 50% and up to 100% of eligible project costs and can include in-kind contributions.

Total funding of $300,000 will be available for the program in 2020-21

Who is eligible?
Local councils, industry associations, not-for-profit organisations, research institutes and businesses that produce, manufacture, sell or promote South Australian recycled materials and/or recycled-content products.

Consultancy businesses are not eligible but If you’re a consultant with a project that aligns with the Circular Economy Market Development guidelines, you need to partner with an eligible business/organisation to apply for funding.

What kind of projects are eligible?

  • Projects targeting one or more priority waste materials including plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, scrap metals, textiles, e-waste and tyres.
  • Projects that validate and improve the quality and performance of local recycled materials or recycled-content products such as:
    • product quality testing with accredited testing organisations
    • development of new or amended product technical specifications or product standards
    • the associated certification or accreditation processes linked to the product standards or specifications
    • development of environmental declarations (e.g. EPDs) or labels based on Australian (preferred) / international standards and independent verification
    • laboratory testing and field trials for product mixes and/or performance etc that validate products ensuring that they meet market requirements
    • the associated education, training and awareness raising activities.
  • Projects that develop or expand markets with activities such as:
    • communication and promotion that increases awareness and knowledge/understanding of the performance and benefits of the recycled-content products
    • market analysis, market development and implementation plans
    • engagement activities that will connect suppliers with potential markets
    • development of sustainable procurement strategies, policies, targets, specifications, model practices, reporting and systems that increases and improve market demand for the use of recycled materials and/or recycled-content products, including across supply chains
    • market research identifying specific industry and/or market development barriers and opportunities for emerging waste streams.

What will not be funded?

  • retrospective activities i.e. projects which have been completed in the past or are already taking place without the grant
  • general organisational administration or operation costs
  • staff wages/salaries and on-costs that are not directly related to the project
  • travel expenses
  • equipment purchase or leasing
  • infrastructure projects
  • early-stage research prior to product development
  • standards testing for packaging including alternatives to single-use plastics

Status: OPEN

Circular Economy Market Development Grant Guidelines (2020-21) Circular Economy Market Development Grant Guidelines (2020-21) (90 KB)

Circular Economy Market Development Grants - Expression of Interest Circular Economy Market Development Grants - Expression of Interest (71 KB)

How to apply:

Email your program summary using the Expression of Interest Form to Serena Yang. If your project is suitable, you will be invited to proceed to full application process. Note that the decision to invite to proceed to full application process is at the sole discretion of Green Industries SA.

Contact: Serena Yang