Managing e-waste, appliances, scrap metal and vehicles

What do I do with e-waste and appliances?
Option 1
You can take e-waste and appliances (computers, televisions and whitegoods) to a local landfill site. Normally e-waste is banned from landfill, but it will be accepted if it is considered bushfire waste.

Contact the landfill first to confirm what waste you have. Landfills closest to Cudlee Creek:

Brinkley Landfill
Brinkley Road, Gifford Hill
Murray Bridge
08 8532 6385

Hartley Landfill
North Bremer Road, Hartley
08 8347 3329

Option 2
Get a quote for removal or disposal. Make sure your contractor is not including any waste levy fees which have been waived for bushfire related waste. You will still pay for transport and gate fees. There is a list of contractors available here, or contact your local council.

What do I do with scrap metal?
Option 1
We recommend you separate and store scrap metal (fencing wire, metal sheeting, corrugated iron used for roofing & fencing) until further notice. Much of this material will be recyclable. The South Australian Government is currently organising local options to recycle and recover this metal. We will provide advice shortly on where to take scrap metal or if there will be a nearby local collection near you. More information to come soon.

Please DO NOT put LPG cylinders in with scrap metal. LPG cylinders should be taken to a free chemical waste depot. Click here for your nearest free drop off option for LPG cylinders. 

What do I do with fire damaged vehicles?

In the first instance it's really important you contact your insurer, and seek their advice on what you should do with regards to your cover. The South Australian Government will provide advice and details on who can assist on recovering vehicles, but you must speak with your insurer first. Affected residents should register with Green Industries SA so we can assess your waste and recycling needs.