Circular Economy Business Support Program Funding

Green Industries SA supports South Australian businesses and organisations to improve resource efficiency (including materials, energy, and water efficiency), waste management, and lean production practices to reduce operating costs, boost productivity, and environmental performance, and be part of a more circular economy.

Taking expressions of interest for 2021-22 

(money available and criteria may change)

Contact: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647

Lead Educate Assist Promote (LEAP) Grants

LEAP grants are available for business groups, industry associations and not-for-profit organisations to undertake projects that support South Australian industry to learn, build capacity, network and collaborate to overcome challenges and accomplish sustainability objectives that they may otherwise not be able to address in isolation, and taking a leap towards a circular-based economy.

Resource Efficiency and Productivity (REAP) Grants

 REAP grants provide grants up to $10,000 in matched funding for South Australian businesses to complete a resource efficiency and productivity assessment. An additional $10,000 may be made available to kick-start implementation of selected recommendations from the assessment. Preference will be given to applications for projects that undertake an assessment across more than one resource area.

Valuing Business Waste Grants

Valuing Business Waste grants provide up to $15,000 to identify and implement strategies that reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from businesses and not-for-profit organisations. 

Contact: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647