Circular Economy Business Support Program (Copy-1)

Green Industries SA supports a diversity of South Australian businesses, organisations and industry sectors to accelerate sustainable change and transition to a circular economy. The Circular Economy Business Support Program provides assistance and funding to identify, prioritise and implement improvements in resource efficiency, waste management, and resource recovery as a way to reduce operating costs, boost productivity and improve environmental performance.

By providing in-house support from Green Industries SA staff and grant funding, participating organisations will be assisted with the transition to a more circular economy, by increasing organisational knowledge on how to make the most out of the resources used (inputs) and keeping materials (including outputs and waste) in use for as long as possible.

Assistance, Advice and Guidance

Experienced project managers with expertise in a range of areas, including waste and resource management, and circular economy can provide advice and guidance at any stage of a project. We encourage you to make contact so that we can assist with your journey towards sustainable change.

The following list is not exhaustive, and is provided as a guide to the areas in which Green Industries SA staff may be able to assist. If you have other enquiries relating to circular economy or business sustainability, please contact us so that we can determine what support might be available:

  • General advice on waste management, recycling and resource recovery
  • General advice on resource efficiency, sustainable procurement, circular economy options
  • Assistance with project planning and referrals to other agencies and consultants that may be able to assist with project delivery


Taking expressions of interest for 2021-22

Contact: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647

  • Resource Efficiency and Productivity - REAP Grants
    Grants for businesses and not-for-profit organisations seeking to identify and prioritise opportunities to improve resource efficiency and productivity relating to energy, water, waste, materials, or lean production. Find out more.
  • Valuing Business Waste -  Grants
    Grants for businesses and not-for-profit organisations wanting to make improvements in waste management and materials efficiency, prioritising waste avoidance, reduction, reuse and recycling. Find out more.
  • Industry & Business Groups - LEAP Grants
    Grants for peak industry bodies and associations, and coordinated business groups that represent the interests of businesses within a specific industry sector or defined geographical area, to deliver programs that will Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote the circular economy and sustainable business practices to constituents. Find out more.

Contact: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647