Recycling Market Development Grants

China's recent National Sword program places import restricitons on certain recyclable materials, which has impacted South Australian recycling businesses exporting materials such as scrap plastics, metals, paper, cardboard, and textiles into China. This grants program  is a response to this situation, in addition to recognising the need to assist businesses to invest in activities which will overcome market barriers to accepting products with recycled content.

Funding available $300,000 up to a maximum of $100,000 per applicant. Applicants must be able to provide 50% matched funding. Non-financial (in-kind) contributions cannot be included.

Who is eligible? Local councils, industry associations and organisations that produce, manufacture, sell or promote South Australian recycled materials and/or recycled-content products. All applicants must be legally constituted entities and comply with all federal and state laws.

What kind of projects are eligible?

  • Projects that:
    • validate the quality and performance of local recycled materials and/or recycled-content products, and include (but are not limited to) the following activities:
    • provide product quality testing with accredited testing organisations
    • develop new or amended product technical specifications
    • develop new or amended product standards 
    • provide associated certification or accreditation processes linked to the product standards or specifications
    • other activities that will support development of products that meet market requirements and the associated education, training and awareness raising activities.
    • develop new markets or expand existing markets for local recycled materials and/or recycled-content products
    • undertake communication and promotional activities that increase awareness and understanding of the performance and benefits of the recycled-content products 
    • undertake detailed market analysis, market development and implementation plans
    • provide engagement activities that will connect suppliers with potential markets
    • develop partnerships to build new customer groups or increase demand by a particular industry sector
    • develop model practices that address barriers to the purchase of recycled-content products, improve procurement specifications, or increase market leverage for 'buying recycled'.

Status: OPEN - these grants remain open until the allocated funds are exhausted.

Recycling Market Development Grants - Application Form Recycling Market Development Grants - Application Form (84 KB)

Recycling Market Development Grants - Guidelines Recycling Market Development Grants - Guidelines (89 KB)

For queries about eligibility and project outcome measurement, please contact: 

Serena Yang
Manager, Policy and Projects: 08 8204 1913