Green Industries SA is partnering with Innovyz to deliver a series of Waste & Recycling Commercialisation programs, designed for Individuals, Universities, Research Centres, existing companies and corporate spinouts. The current Waste & Recycling Commercialisation program is focussed on innovative ways to reduce waste, enhance recycling or return waste as resource. More information from Innovyz is available here.

Green Industries SA and Innovyz are looking for innovative ways to:

  • reduce in the amount of waste going to landfill
  • reduce carbon emission
  • enhance resource recovery
  • improving processes to deliver cost savings and improve productivity

Read more about companies participating in the Innovyz Waste & Recycling Commercialisation program here and profiles of mentors here.


Watch the highlights reel of the latest companies supported by Green Industries SA and Innovyz


Watch the stories of each company Innovyz and Green Industries SA have worked with to develop their world leading technologies for the more efficient recovery and use of resources, and the development of a more Circular Economy